Through positive mentorship and instruction from professional musicians and artists, the Nebraska Music Academy provides the opportunity for youth of all ages to explore their musical and artistic interests, engage in a creative atmosphere, and empower themselves to become strong leaders and outstanding team members within a group and their community, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or income.

NMA Students
There is a substantial need in Lincoln, Nebraska, and surrounding areas to reach out to youth and teens, particularly those students who may not be as interested in the more traditional activities and entertainment options. We know that the best way to do this is to encourage their interests in a positive way. We bring kids together with the power of music to channel their energy and express themselves creatively. Our students are encouraged to dream, express themselves, work hard, collaborate with bandmates, make noise, and take the stage together as a team. Our program welcomes all skill levels, from beginners who have never held an instrument before to skilled musicians who dedicate all of their free time to mastering their favorite songs.

NMA Instructors
Our instructors are local, professional musicians, most of whom are currently in bands or have been in bands in the past. We teach students of ALL experience levels how to rock like a pro. From teaching the basics of how to play and care for an instrument to mentoring young musicians on the ins and outs of playing in a band, our instructors will work with a student at their level to help them to be their best. Then we get them up onstage and let them go! We give our students the freedom to express themselves while demonstrating to them how hard work, cooperation, and practice can all pay off. NMA instructors understand how playing music can help students to build self esteem and confidence, trigger creativity, learn responsibility, and tap into a part of each kid that is just screaming to get out. They have all been there themselves.